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  • Absorbine

    Inspired by Mary Ida and Wilbur’s vision, Absorbine® has continued to add innovative products throughout the years—products used every day by horse and pet owners around the world. And every day we continue working to maintain the honor of nurturing those special relationships that have made us The Horse World’s Most Trusted Name.®

  • Acavallo

    Acavallo - For the well being and protection of the horse

    The italian Acavallo was founded in 2003 and quickly became internationally renowned for  high quality products.

    Acavallo's main product is a therapeutic gel pad that improves the saddle's fit on the horse's back. At the same time, the gel helps to protect the back muscles from shocks. There are several models of gel pads, among which we will certainly find a solution for your horse. The company also manufactures stirrups, saddle pads, girths and various gel accessories.

    The company has about 100 products and is sold in more than 40 countries. A number of patents are also listed on the finest innovations.

  • Ani-Mixi

    Ani-Mixi linseed - for the prevention and treatment of intestinal problems.

    Ani-Mixi is an Oil Flax product line developed and manufactured by Pia Huusar. The series is completely Finnish in terms of its raw materials and has hit itself nicely through in the trotting world.

    The products are versatile and contain valuable fiber and protein in addition to musin, as well as rich omega-3 fatty acid flax seed oil, the effect of which is most evident as a shine of coat. The product is suitable for horses and dogs.

  • Anicol

    Anicol Oy specializes in manufacturing products for intestinal problems in animals. We work closely with Biolatte Oy, which is known for its scientific competence in manufacturing products from live microbes. Anicol uses high-quality raw materials in the manufacture of its products. As a result, the products are effective and have a high microbial content. Professionally manufactured probiotics do not need additional fillers in order to function properly, and that is why Anicol's products are as pure as possible. The manufacture complies with the GMP and ISO 22000 standards, and the products are analyzed in scientific laboratories. We only use officially registered and tested microbial strains from well-known micro-organism banks.

  • Ariat

    Ariat - riding boots, riding shoes and riding equipment

    Ariat was founded by Beth Cross and Pam Parker in 1992. They saw the opportunity to revolutionize the equine market and start developing advanced and sporty footwear. The starting point was to improve the rider's performance during riding. What's more, the footwear was and still is very comfortable to wear.

    The first Ariat riding boots were delivered in 1993 to riders for trial use. Horse riding clothes were launched in 2004. Today, Ariat offers a full range of riding boots, shoes and riding clothes. Products are sold in over 40 countries. Ariat is one of the largest riding brands in the world.

  • Aviform

    Aviform - supplements for horses and dogs since 1977

    Over 40 years of nutritional product expertise has taught us that we have a requirement for complete transparency in ingredients and quantities. That way you can make sure your horse gets exactly what you need.

    To ensure the performance and cleanliness of our products, we never use unnecessary additives or fillers in any of our products.

    All of our products are manufactured by UFAS (Universal Feed Assurance Scheme - UFAS 6029) at an accredited factory in Wymondham, Norfolk, UK.

  • B//Vertigo

    B // Vertigo is a brand designed by Norwegian rider Siv Gunhild Waldeland and offers good-looking, high-quality riding equipment. B-Vertigo riding breeches, for example, are very popular because of their good fit. Shirts, vests and jackets are also praised for their breathability and practicality. B-Vertigo products last a long time and are classically stylish.

  • Back on Track

    The company Back on Track manufactures joint and muscle protection, which are manufactured from a ceramic textile which is sold under the registered brand name Back on Track.

    The textile is made up of fibres of polyester and polypropylene (some of the products are mixed with cotton fibres) with a ceramic powder fused into the fibres. The ceramic gives the fabric its unique property, which reflects body heat in the form of infrared heat radiation.

    The production takes place in our own factories in China and each time a new batch of ceramic textile is manufactured an independent university laboratory measures the level of reflected heat and it's wavelength. In this way we can ensure consistency in quality and efficiency.

  • Back2back

    Back2Back riding breeches are really good quality breeches. Back2Back has trousers with different designs and fabrics. They have trousers at both normal and high waist from children's sizes up to 46. The most popular models are: Lyon pro, silicone knee pads, Orly, full silicone, and the new Paris pants with a flexible material that ensures great riding comfort.

  • Bates satulat

    Bates saddles combine the best customizability and resale value in the market

    Bates Best Saddle for the Horse

    All new saddles are equipped with Cair air panels and an Easy Change Gullet. The suitability of the saddle can also be modified with additional pieces that are placed in the pockets reserved for them. This makes the saddle easy to adapt to changing needs. Bates have a 10-year warranty on the tree and a 2-year warranty on air panels.

    The entire Bates saddle collection can be ordered through us.

  • Black Horse

    Finnish quality Black Horse horse feed

    Black Horse feeds are designed for the needs of all breeds, at all stages of life. In the same product line you will also find care products and supplements.

  • Bombers

    Bombers bits are made by hand.

  • Borstiq farm AB

    Borstiq Farm is a distributor of equestrian products. Borstiq manufacture, export and import a unique range of equestrian products. Most of the products are Swedish design. They use natural materials for the highest quality.

    The products are designed by Transformer Development and Design located in Malmö, Sweden. Borstiq Farm is located in Jönköping, Sweden and was established in 1998.

  • Bucas

    Bucas was founded in 1981 in Cork, Ireland. Bucas has been able to combine a long Irish horse tradition with the latest in technology. This expertise and experience has created a wide range of innovative and technologically advanced products.
    Bucas' starting point in product development is the well-being of horses, horse owners and riders. The quality requirements of the products are also very high and it is visible in all Bucas products.
  • Carr & Day & Martin

    Carr & Day & Martin, England, is the world's oldest manufacturer of equine care products. The company was founded in 1765. King George IV took over the company as a contractor and this status has been maintained by the company to this day. 
  • Cavallo

    Cavallo is one of the most prominent brands in the International equestrian sports. Cavallo is producing high-quality breeches and offers a sportswear collection, which is characterized by an extraordinary claim of fashion and high functionality. Cavallo - this is the brand for high-quality equipment for riders, in function and fashion, perfectly complement on another. In national and international equestrian sports, Cavallos products are widely used and enjoy an extremely high reputation among riders.

  • Cavallo Hoof Boots

    Cavallo Hoof Boots are the most popular hoof boots in the world. Why?

    Because they are, quite simply, the very best hoof boot on the market today.

  • Charles Owen

    World-renowned Charles Owen celebrated its 100-year history in 2011. The company is known as the world's leading equestrian manufacturer. When Charles Owen himself founded the company in 1911, his goal was to improve safety in equestrian sports. Now under the leadership of Charles Owen's grandson Roy Burek, the company's vision has remained the same.

  • Chevaline

    German Chevaline manufactures high quality care products for horses.

  • Chia de Gracia

    Organic supplements for your horse

    Chia de Gracia is a Finnish forage company that imports and manufactures various natural feeds and supplements for horses and dogs. Chia de Gracia is the first Finnish feed industry company whose packages have been awarded the Finnish Design Workers' Award from Finland.

    Chia de Gracia is a feed business operator registered with Evira, which complies with the feed requirements of Finland and the EU. With some exceptions, the EU requires all feed business operators to register. Feed business operators include: feed manufacturers including cargo shippers, trade, importers, warehousing and transport companies.

  • Covalliero

    Covalliero is a German brand that is at the same time stylish and fashionable yet practical and functional. The products have beautiful details that bring that little extra to your riding clothes.

  • Dog Comfort

    Since 1918 Veljekset Wahlstén has been the leader in the horse equipment industry producing and importing trotting and riding equipment in the Nordic countries. The success story of Wahlsténis founded on Finnish professional expertice and a top quality product range. For many years Wahlstén has manufactured quality hand-made equipment for both trotters and riding horses. Now the product development is extended to dog supplies. The products are designed in co-operation with dog enthusiasts ampasising usability and quality. Dog Comfort is a brand that provides durable and practical equipment for every dog.

  • Dogman

    Dogman imports supplies and products for pets for various purposes.
    Dogman was founded in 1965 and currently works
    In Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

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